A Plug & Play Innovation Success Story: TG0 x JOYSONQUIN
Auto HMIs

A Plug & Play Innovation Success Story: TG0 x JOYSONQUIN

A synergistic partnership bringing new innovation to automotive interiors.

JOYSONQUIN, a leading premier deco trim supplier has collaborated with TG0’s experts in advanced HMIs to employ their technology utilizing polymers to create immersive 3D touch and pressure sensitive surfaces. The integration of this technology allows seamless interfaces that bridge the gap between mechanical switches and smart surfaces. Combined with real materials, thispartnership will enable OEMs great design freedom in their user interfaces.

The Project

This is one of several JOYSONQUIN partnerships with innovative startups/technology companies. JOYSONQUIN’s intent was to create small, purposeful demonstrators to start a dialogue with theirOEM customer base. This was an essential step in continuously refining the products to suit their needs best. TG0’s patented technology helped JOYSONQUIN explore decorative pressure surfaces to ensurethat they offer their customers the latest and best in advanced automotive technology

Key Takeaways

  1. Continue to engage all parties throughout the project. Get them excited to see the next milestone/iteration/sample that you achieve.
  2. Assessing the project throughout every stage is valuable. Creating a culture where it is okay to fail and reassess the project's trajectory is vital to building a successful corporate/startup relationship.
  3. The combination of TG0’s ability to adapt seamlessly and JOYSONQUIN’s ability to incorporate their technology into the final product for customers was successful. In this standard formula, the sum of the whole is greater than the separate parts.


A global auto parts company jointly invested by SENSSUN and JOYSON Electronics. They are one of the top three global luxury car interior decorative trim suppliers. Additionally, they occupy the largest portion of the domestic market share for air management systems, engine air intake systems,and washing systems.