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Pressure sensing seat

A world of smarter surfaces and interactions

The way we interact with the world is determined by how the world is constructed. At TG0, we harness our patented technology to create touch-sensitive, pressure-responsive materials that enable designers and manufacturers across a variety of industries to reimagine their products, creating smarter and sustainable solutions, and user-centric experiences.

Automotive Icon

Design a car experience that is smarter, safer, and user-friendly

Imagine creating a car that understands a driver's unique body shape and immediately adjusts the seat as the driver slides in. Envision automotive HMIs such as a steering wheel where intuitive controls adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each driver, enabling them to additional functions effortlessly, without removing their hands from the wheel or diverting their attention from the road.

Pressure sensors in a car seat
A doctor practicing CPR on a dummy
Healthcare Icon

Develop enhanced training and patient insight tools for improved outcomes

Incorporate TG0 technology into tools and devices equipped with capacitive touch sensors, optimising their use in healthcare simulations. By providing precise digital feedback to pressure, touch, movement and procedural actions, TG0 technology enhances the training of healthcare professionals. Additionally, the data generated helps them to get a better understanding of a patient’s condition for improved patient outcomes.

Etee by TG0 gaming VR controllers
Gaming icon

Engineer immersive and precise controls for an elevated gaming experience

Develop game controllers using TG0’s touch, pressure-sensitive, and tactile sensing smart surfaces and offer seamless and precise controls at each user’s fingertips. Elevate traditional products such as mice, keyboards, and gamepads with TG0's software-enabled surfaces technology, providing users with an unrivalled level of responsiveness and immersion. Drive innovation in the gaming industry with advanced, user-friendly control systems.

Bike handle with grip sensors
Bike icon

Create intuitive controls for safer rides and enhanced biking experiences

Develop handlebar controls integrated with TG0's technology for bikes or e-bikes. Design weather-sealed interfaces that prioritise safety and user experience, providing easy access to essential functions. Revolutionise the biking experience with intuitive controls.

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On-the-go wearables and earphones

Develop enhanced controls for wearables and hearables

Integrate TG0’s software-enabled surfaces technology into wearables such as smartwatches, hearables, and other ambient computing devices. Design precise and intuitive controls that allow users to control music, phone calls, and other functions effortlessly and in any conditions. Push the boundaries of on-the-go technology, offering users greater convenience and control.

Running wearables and hearables
Data-enabled fitness products by TG0
Gym icon
Connected fitness

Unlock peak performance with data-enabled fitness products

Integrate TG0 technology into a range of sports equipment including insoles, grips, helmets, and gloves. These sensorised surfaces generate data that can provide valuable insights that help the ordinary wearer, fitness professionals, trainers and coaches optimise training regimes and track progress.

Kitchen smart surface
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Kitchen and other white goods

Design reliable and user-friendly controls for everyday appliances

Product developers in the white goods industry can use TG0 technology to create intuitive controls for appliances that are not only easy to clean, enjoyable to use, easy to manufacture and long-lasting, but also compliant with certification requirements.

Smart garments and accessories
Wearables icon
Smart garments and accessories

Elevate everyday garments with integrated control surfaces

As a smart garments and accessories product leader, consider incorporating TG0’s smart surface technology into items like insoles, helmets, and glasses. Transform these everyday objects into digital devices with easy-to-integrate, functional control surfaces, enhancing user experience during various activities.

Fitness wearables icon
Consumer electronics

Transform everyday devices for a user-centric experience

Revolutionise the way the world interacts with everyday devices like consumer electronics and kitchen appliances with TG0’s innovative smart surface technology and sensing solutions. Elevate user experience through an engaging and user-friendly interface. Streamline the manufacturing of existing interfaces, making it easier to pack new features into every product but in a more sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Smart de

Pioneering the future of human-device interaction

At TG0, we're dedicated to transforming the way we interact with technology, making it a seamless and natural extension of our everyday lives. Our patented technology opens new possibilities for touch and pressure-sensitive interfaces, redefining the future of human-device interaction across industries.

Join us in creating a world where surfaces and interactions are smarter, empowering human and intuitive experiences for everyone.

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