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Reach out to us and tell us more about your business context and situation. We can start engaging with you and your team to map out our work together.

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We can start engaging with you and your team to map out our work together. We have worked with a broad range of clients, from start-ups to global brands and research bodies across a wide range of industries and sectors, across multiple use cases. Every program is approached uniquely and we offer bespoke solutions. You will work directly with our design and engineering teams.

Some of our best projects began as an idea. That’s all you need to get started. 

Our technology and services packages are grouped in 10 areas of interest. Where TG0 customers most often come to us for our expertise and offering. We can mix and match the exact combination of technology and service depending on your specific needs, requirements, timelines and budgets.  


Let us help get you started

We can help you with a Discovery and Feasibility Study

Product development and Innovation is hard. Our customers come to us with concepts and ideas at different stages of development. You may not yet have all the answers to scope and budget for your project. Let’s have a couple meetings to understand more about your needs. Often enough these questions can be addressed by a series of short collaborative workshops to better understand the broader context of what you are trying to achieve. We work together to understand where you are now, and what success looks like for you. We then translate that into concrete deliverables and decide, if you’d like to proceed to a project.


Are you considering exploring new areas of product development and innovation around touch and pressure sensing?

We can help you with a concept and innovation sprint

We work with brands across a wide range of industries and use cases to help them gain a competitive advantage when it comes to smart surfaces.

Through years of experience working on physical user experience and smart surface products we understand what works and what engages users. We’ve delivered multiple products and understand product development risk which enables us to ensure your product ideas have a higher chance of success when reaching manufacturing.


Looking to incorporate smart surfaces into your next product?

We can help you with design and product development

We are experts in smart surfaces, touch, gesture and pressure sensing. We use our patented TG0 Software Enabled Surfaces technology to help you create beautifully designed products that WOW your customers. We’ve a team of world leading designers and work with design partners to make your product a reality. We understand human centered design, we anticipate product and interaction issues and we manage those to deliver working prototypes and products that meet your and your customers requirements.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a working prototype. We can then move to testing and certification and validation through mass manufacturing. We've teams responsible for managing relationships with downstream partners or can handle the heavy lifting ourselves. Complete flexibility and control to get you where you need to be.

User experience
One Platform, endless possibilities
Diverse material and colour options
Seamless and organic surface interactions


Looking to break new ground in physical user experience?

We can help you with research and development

We are always interested in breaking new ground and challenging the status quo, doing things that have never been done before.

We partner with startups, corporates, thought leaders and academic institutions to create the next generation of physical user experiences. To make humans more productive, safer, happier and living their lives to the fullest.


Want to create a new product utilizing touch and pressure data?

We can help you with design and product development

At the intersection fo Research and New Product Development we see a lot of interest into data driven, connected product that help customers get a better understanding of touch and pressure data as related to everyday activities.

We have been working with world leading brands since the companies inception to create new data driven products that enable completely new business models and creating more value and insight for their customers.

We offer an end to end new product development service that has data at the core.


Need help with iterating, validating and certifying your smart surfaces product?

We can help you with pre-production support

We have helped brands manage risk in bringing the product to mass manufacturing.

We conduct thorough testing and evaluation of the product design, tooling, manufacturing processes, and quality control systems. Working with us you can reduce the risk of quality issues and ensure a smooth transition to mass production.


Looking to mass manufacture your smart surfaces enabled product?

We can help you with component manufacturing and contract manufacturing

We are product people and have launched products ourselves and have helped our partners do the same. We offer an end to end product development service, with the most important step bringing the product to mass manufacturing.

We will work with you to make your product a reality. We can be a part supplier, manufacturing support partner or contract manufacturer depending on your preferences and realities of your own competencies. We want to accelerate your go to market and de-risk the mass manufacturing process.

 LCA and Sustainability


Looking to reduce your carbon footprint in your next product?

We can help you with LCA and Sustainability

Brands are turning to TG0 and the Software Enabled Surfaces technology for its ability to dramatically reduce the electronic component load in human machine interfaces.

We are meeting that challenge head on and will be working with you to validate the cost savings, complexity savings and carbon impact savings that stem from you using TG0’s technology in your product. This will be a specific in-depth analysis of the benefits of using TG0 technology.


Looking for off the shelf pre-packaged interaction modules?

We can help you with Interaction Modules and Component Supply

Sometimes bespoke is not the way to go. You know what you want and want to do your own integration, validation, certification with the interaction components we provide.

TG0 is offering a range of off-the-shelf interaction modules and potentiometers that can slot into your upcoming product. Naturally we will support the integration of these parts through to mass manufacturing.


Looking to supplement your engineering resources and solve problems?

We can help you with Ongoing engineering support

We are problem solvers. We are experts in human machine interaction. Physical experiences and bringing products to mass manufacturing.

Work with us on an ongoing basis to help you get things done quicker when your own internal resources are struggling to meet modern market demands.

Challenge the status quo with us.

Have an idea for a product, or a project need? Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch soon, or contact us directly via email at

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