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Access a technology platform that enables everything to behave like a smart device

Stay at the forefront of technology, innovate and amaze your customers by working with our team of HMI experts

What is the TG0 Partner Program?

World-class innovation is at your fingertips. Bring new solutions and opportunities to your clients through...
Innovative and unconstrained design
New features and interfaces
Improved sustainability
Streamlined assembly
Cost savings
Our sensing technology  has successfully improved interaction patterns in the following industries

Automotive, Mobility, Healthcare, Gaming, Fitness and Consumer Electronics

car iconPhone and watch iconGaming iconFitness iconMedical iconBike icon
YogamatScooterProstheticsMedical demonstration dummyCar seatgame control joysticktennis playerBike handle
Different material surface

Unconstrained product design

Design products with fewer hardware limitations
TG0 technology eliminates design constraints allowing you to create products that focus on delivering the desired experience to your customers. This way, you are able to focus on truly creating the product experience your customers want.
Different material surface
User experience
One Platform, Endless Possibilities
Diverse material and colour options
Seamless and organic surface interactions

Get access to our team of touch surface experts

Extend your team’s expertise and stay on top of your game
Expand your team’s knowledge and design capabilities by accessing our suite of engineers and materials experts, allowing you to effortlessly navigate any product or concept no matter how complex the design and UX journey.

Build faster and scale efficiently

Design products with never-before-seen characteristics.
Create amazing interfaces that are intuitive to use, more cost-effective, seamless to manufacture and built with enhanced features and functionality for maximum user experience.  

Keep pace with
the UX revolution

Accelerate your innovation cycle with TG0’s Partner Program.
Our patented technology platform will enable you to:
  • Reduce manufacturing complexity and remove unnecessary moving parts
  • Lower your bill of material (BOM) and production costs
  • Ship products to market faster with longer lifetime
  • Elevate and blend physical and digital experiences
  • Lower the need for maintenance on your products
  • Broaden your product portfolio & offering
  • Build attractive products that stand the test of time
testing the touch surface
Smart bike handle
TG0 Demoset

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