TG0 technology delivers multifaceted benefits across the innovation and new product development value chain

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Happy team collaboration
 For innovators

Innovate effortlessly

Bring technologies and exciting solutions never seen before to your customers

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Concept & Innovation
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 For design engineers

Design differently

Reimagine what and where a sensor for interaction can be

Fit interactions to any surface

TG0 tech can turn any surface on physical products – even the most ubiquitous or oddly shaped – into an interactive sensor

Shape, material and interaction of choice

Embed the technical components into the product and enjoy complete freedom of surface design to match your brand and intended product usage. 

Remove engineering constraints

By using the polymer itself as a sensing medium, you will no longer be limited by the physical properties and constraints of regular sensors, their electrical connections or manufacturing methods

Challenge the status quo of existing interaction paradigms

Wow your customers with interactions that are innovative yet intuitive, placed in optimal spots rather than simply where they are most convenient based on engineering constraints

Create seamless, intuitive and natural interactions

Improve function acquisition without the need for instructions by building interactions that are intuitive and perfectly adjusted to the situation at hand

Set your brand apart

Develop your own design language and make your brand truly unique based on the tactility and privacy of the interactions you can create

Innovative mechanical engineer fixing a circuit board
For mechanical engineers

Engineer ambitiously

Reduce product and manufacturing complexity

2 women in a business meeting
For purchasing teams

Procure confidently

Utilise your current materials and supply chain in a smarter fashion

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One vendor does it all

The TG0 tech enables you to stick to one vendor who can supply complete touch and pressure sensing technology solutions for all your uses

Off-the-shelf components and materials

By using simple materials that are engineered into something complex, you can freely pivot between components if your supply chain is constrained

Manufacturing mode of choice

Compatibility with any existing manufacturing methods allows for further flexibility

Improved BOM

Use the components already present on the bill of materials in a more connected and smarter fashion

A girl holding a young plant
For sustainable operations

Act sustainably

Build products that are cherished by users and better for the environment

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User experience
One Platform, Endless Possibilities
Diverse material and colour options
Seamless and organic surface interactions

Challenge the status quo with us.

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