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Innovate your products effortlessly 

TG0’s technology is a trusted choice for New Product Development teams looking for smarter and more intuitive surface interactions, without added complexity

TG0 is a design and innovation agency in London that provides end-to-end product development services, accelerating your go-to-market strategy and guaranteeing cutting-edge features that set your products apart. 

All design and product development engagement options are bespoke for your product needs. Here are a few things we are experts in.


Design and product development

Concept development and testing 
We develop a concept and working prototype which is tested with potential customers to determine if it meets their needs and preferences.
Product development
A physical or digital prototype is created, refined, and tested to ensure it meets quality standards



Engineering validation and market testing
This involves testing the product in a limited market to gather feedback and identify any issues that need to be addressed.



At launch we help with developing a marketing plan, setting pricing and distribution strategies, and launching the product to the market.
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testing the touch surface
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Here is a selection of what can be innovated

What a project looks like

Introduction: Ideation and concept

While many of our customers come to TG0 with fully fleshed-out ideas and concepts for their products, sometimes they need help bringing them to life. This is where we come in. At TG0, we offer a range of services to help you ideate and formulate your concept, including workshops, design sprints, and feasibility studies. Additionally, you can experiment on your own with our Demo & Dev kit to explore the possibilities further.

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Who we are

Product design and innovation agency and consultancy in London

We are a London-based design and innovation agency that helps businesses and innovators create compelling product experiences for their customers

Talk to one of our design and engineering experts to design your unique product 

Want to challenge the status quo of interaction? You are no longer limited by mechanical and physical constraints of traditional sensing components, films and mechatronics. Unleash your creativity and design a product that not only reflects your vision exactly, but also delights your customers.

Challenge the status quo with us.

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