Manufacturing validation

Use a trusted manufacturing partner to build products with next-generation interaction capabilities

Easily integrate smart polymers with advanced sensing into your products with our manufacturing network & support

We handle all the aspects of the manufacturing process based on the specifications and requirements established in the design and development stages.

At the end, we will deliver a finished product to you. Here are a few of the things that can be addressed. 

testing the touch surface
manufacturing circuit  board

Here is a selection of what can be innovated

Why TG0

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What a project looks like

Introduction: Ideation and concept

While many of our customers come to TG0 with fully fleshed-out ideas and concepts for their products, sometimes they need help bringing them to life. This is where we come in. At TG0, we offer a range of services to help you ideate and formulate your concept, including workshops, design sprints, and feasibility studies. Additionally, you can experiment on your own with our Demo & Dev kit to explore the possibilities further.

Feasibility study and research

Bring proven products to market in a thoughtful way

We help conduct feasibility studies for new product ideas to better prepare teams for a successful product development and launch

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Who we are

Product design and innovation agency and consultancy in London

We are a London-based design and innovation agency that helps businesses and innovators create compelling experiences for their customers

Speak to our team of engineering experts

Let us help you manufacture your products and get to market faster

Challenge the status quo with us.

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