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TG0 Smart Sensing Insoles

TG0 Smart Insole features cutting-edge pressure mapping technology tailored for medical, fitness, and bespoke workplace applications. Its lightweight, flexible, and waterproof design makes it ideal for multiple wearable applications. Integrated with machine-learning software, the product kit is designed to facilitate movement, posture, and activity tracking.

Advanced Pressure Mat

The TG0 Advanced Pressure Sensing Mat serves as an entry point into TG0's cutting-edge pressure mapping technology, catering to a diverse range of use cases. It offers versatility, easily modified and adapted into various form factors for applications such as automotive seating, medical, and in-home fitness.

The demonstrator showcases the robust offering of TG0 pressure sensing technology through a compact and flexible mat complete with a custom UI.

Zwift Play handlebar controller powered by TG0

TG0's unique sensing technology forms the foundation of Zwift Play's ergonomic design. This innovative solution adapts to various materials and surface shapes, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive user experience. The controller features a frontal paddle that enables users to fully engage with the virtual environment, effortlessly controlling speed, steering, and navigation through Zwift's immersive 3D courses. Additional buttons offer versatile gameplay and navigation options, catering to diverse user preferences.

At TG0, we are driven by a passion for innovation and collaboration. Our collaboration with Zwift on Zwift Play demonstrates our commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions to the e-cycling industry. Together, we have created a product that is truly unique, captivating, and poised to revolutionize the market. Join us as we empower businesses like yours to unlock new opportunities and captivate a global audience.

Finger sensing and thumbpad devkit

Design, play, control and code like never before with the Finger Sensing and Thumbpad Development Kit based on eteeControllers. The full finger tracking capabilities and button-free design allow for customisation and flexibility for all gaming and project needs. The controllers are used by customers, researchers and enthusiasts to better understand grip, grip strenght and control and how it can be incorporated into their products.The development kit enables full-finger sensing, 6 Degrees Of Freedom positional tracking with SteamVR lighthouses. It's lightweight and ergonomic with wide range of SDK support.

Demonstration library

With 7 interactions, different formats, types, resolutions and response rates the demonstration library is just the beginning of what is possible with the TG0 technology. Use this collection of interactions to test, experience and ask questions about our technology as you prepare to deploy it into your next product or sensor device. The Demonstration Library comes with everything you need to successfully complete your exploration. The included software development kit and user interfaces allows you to instantly see the interactions as they happen and adjust the sensor sensitivity to your needs.

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