Proprietary algorithms

Software enabled surfaces for the next generation of human-machine interfaces

We develop sophisticated mathematical algorithms to recognise signal patterns produced by single pieces of conductive polymers, translating various user interactions into meaningful actions.

Surfaces that intelligently evolve and adapt to your interactions thanks to AI

Produce reliable and robust data outputs for touch and pressure mapping, providing higher-confidence insights

We employ machine learning AI methods to allow our sensor to train itself and behave smarter with more uses, continuously refining and optimising the sensing technology. By using fewer electric connections and parts, the sensor is less prone to breakdown and can produce more accurate data from the sensing it is set to detect.

System architecture built for scale

TG0 firmware has a flexible data and connectivity architecture. Depending on specific customer needs for communication, security, processing time, pressure detection thresholds and power, the platform offers full customisation. 

How it works

data enable surface
Our sensing technology firmware has successfully improved interaction patterns in the following industries

Automotive, Mobility, Healthcare, Gaming, Fitness and Consumer Electronics

car iconPhone and watch iconGaming iconFitness iconMedical iconBike icon
YogamatScooterProstheticsMedical demonstration dummyCar seatgame control joysticktennis playerBike handle

Research-powered innovation

TG0’s technology stack is built upon extensive experience and research in polymers, smart materials and signal-processing algorithms

TG0 technology was developed by leading AI and Machine Learning experts from Imperial College, London. TG0 continues to collaborate with researchers and business leaders to enhance the technology's efficiency and adapt it to solve real-world problems. With TG0, you can rely on proven, secure software with best-in-class reliability.

With TG0, you can access a suite of software packages that seamlessly integrate with hardware products, enabling data transfer to other systems and supporting the creation of a unique digital ecosystem.

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