How are Brands Revolutionizing Automotive HMIs?
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How are Brands Revolutionizing Automotive HMIs?

November 30, 2023
TG0 is Taking the Lead in the Next Era of In-Vehicle Interfaces.

The automotive experience is changing fast. Hybrid and fully-electric vehicles
have already hit our streets, but they are just the first wave of an ongoing revolution
in the way we travel by road. Connected cars and driverless vehicles will soon follow.
The car of the future will become space where people can work, rest, or consume
and create new experiences on-route to their destinations.

As the automotive landscape changes, so too must the way in which we interact
with vehicles. Today, each new model of car includes new, ever-more sophisticated
software, but true innovators want to go beyond vehicle-performance monitoring to
create a new world of automotive interiors — one in which interaction methods
become more human, more intuitive, and more sustainable. “Automotive HMI (human machine interfaces) are evolving at an incredible rate,”said Jakub Kamecki, New Business Lead at TG0.

“We’re seeing demand for new interaction methods, not just for the future of shared, autonomous vehicle environments, but also for iterative improvements on dashboards, door handles and seat controllers.”

TG0 has worked on new interiors concepts with leading OEM Novares, including a
new type of door handle for the prestigious Nova Car concept.

A second project with JOYSONQUIN saw TG0’s pressure-mapping technology
employed in a seat control mechanism users can push, pull or twist. These projects
were notable for their novel interaction concepts, but also for the sustainable-by-
design methodology which reduces parts and simplifies manufacturing. Haptic
feedback is another key feature of TG0’s interfaces for vehicles.
Jakub said: “Automotive OEMs value our input and technology as it gives them
great flexibility over design. We can create smart surfaces that:

  • Fit any shape
  • Use any material
  • Offer complete freedom over where and how to place interfaces
  • Use any finish from premium wood veneers to durable plastics

“We’re also gaining recognition around our seating pressure mapping concepts. Automotive leaders can see how TG0 capabilities can increase comfort and safety
and help them to capture valuable data, without compromising on industry standards such as fire retardancy, or on bill of materials costs.”

++ To learn more about TG0’s sensing capabilities for automotive, contact us.

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