Italdesign Integrates TG0 Tech into Newest Concept Car
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Italdesign Integrates TG0 Tech into Newest Concept Car

HMI innovators TG0 have collaborated with the iconic design & engineering company Italdesign on their Quintessenza concept car which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show.

TG0, the London-based hardware-tech company known for pioneering next-generation human-machine interfaces, announces its collaboration with visionary automotive company, Italdesign, to showcase its touch technology in the new concept car which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show this April.

As a leader in touch, gesture, and pressure-sensitive interfaces, TG0 has consistently pushed the boundaries of design interactions and technology across various industries, including automotive, medical devices, and consumer electronics. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, TG0 enables designers and manufacturers to create smarter, more intuitive products while setting new industry standards.

The integration of TG0 technology into Italdesign's concept car centre console signifies an advancement in automotive design and user experience. Through a single, seamless, contoured soft-touch surface, TG0 has artfully incorporated multiple capacitive and pressure-sensing touch technology controls, including a multi-functional slider, seamless capacitive buttons, and a 3D deformation-sensing push/pull tab, all complemented by inset lighting. This innovative approach ensures an enhanced tactile experience that not only exudes style but is also water and dust-proof, setting a new standard in automotive interiors. It redefines the connection between passengers and their driving environment, delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience.

"At TG0, we are dedicated to revolutionising interaction across industries, and our collaboration with Italdesign exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence," said Ming Kong, CEO of TG0. "By integrating our technology into Italdesign's concept car, we are reshaping the future of automotive design and setting new standards for user engagement and functionality."

TG0's team of engineers, designers, and UX specialists work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support throughout the product development process, ensuring seamless integration from research to mass production. With TG0 technology, designers have the freedom to explore endless possibilities, creating products that are not only visually stunning but also intuitive and sustainable.

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