TG0 enriches the indoor cycling experience with Zwift
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TG0 enriches the indoor cycling experience with Zwift

July 6, 2023
New Zwift Play controller makes virtual cycling more immersive and more exciting

Zwift subscribers can enhance and expand their indoor cycling experience with the all-new Zwift Play controllers featuring TG0.

Zwift Play is the first ‘game controller’ designed specifically for the platform and allows ‘Zwifters’ to take full control of their experience from the comfort of their handlebars. In addition to menu controls and button shortcuts, Zwift Play allows Zwifters to seamlessly brake and steer across immersive courses and virtual environments. TG0’s ‘active surfaces’ mean Zwift Play users can delicately control direction and speed with just a slight movement of a finger or fingers. This ‘new way to play’ further enhances the Zwift experience by unlocking new gameplay options and giving Zwift users greater control.

Zwift is a true leader in digital fitness. Its immersive indoor cycling experiences have proven a global hit, enabling riders from all corners of the world to simultaneously tackle 3D virtual courses from a stationary bike mounted in their home. Zwift Play is the latest innovation for the Zwift community, whose members use the Zwift app to wirelessly connect exercise equipment that they can then use to power an avatar in-game.

Zwift Play’s unique and ergonomic design is made possible by TG0’s unique sensing technology, which can adapt to different materials and surface shapes. This patented technology underpins a frontal paddle which allows users to immerse themselves fully and enjoy a seamless way to brake, steer left or right, or navigate through other aspects of the Zwift experience. Haptic feedback adds realism as riders take on exciting virtual 3D courses including London, New York, Paris and Zwift’s Watopia. Additional buttons allow further play and navigation options in a more traditional gameplay format.

Jose Rodriguez, TG0’s Head ofEngineering, said: “Our team love Zwift and were invigorated by this project to deliver greater control and a more immersive experience to indoor cycling enthusiasts. We’ve collaborated with Zwift to help them deliver something entirely new and unique to the market, and we’re looking forward to the reaction of Zwift’s global audience as they use Zwift Play.”

TG0’s technology and electrical, mechanical and manufacturing expertise helped Zwift to deliver a lightweight, simplified controller at an affordable price. Zwift Play controllers are constructed from just one part that includes a strap, backlighted buttons, a charging port, active surfaces and haptics. Advanced features include a power light, a standby button, a USB port, handlebar spacers and straps and a USB charging cable. Zwift Play is waterproof and has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with an incredible 20 hours of battery life.

Zwift Play users have already reacted to their first play with the controllers.

Simon von Bromley from BikeRadar said: “What’s immediately impressive is how well constructed Zwift Play is. It feels every bit as solid and premium as a first-party Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation controller, which is admirable for a first effort.”

YouTube’s 10 96 Cycling said: “Let’s talk about some of the pros of these things; there’s so many I can’t list them all…. it was easy to manoeuvre … Zwift nailed this.”

Meir Machlin VP, Engineering at Zwift, said: “We developed Zwift Play to make it easier for our members to navigate and interact with Zwift from their handlebars and with the added elements of steering and braking that help bring a new dimension to riding of all types. In Zwift Play we have used TG0's immersive touch technology to enable the steering to be more dynamic and responsive than the press of a button or turning the bike's wheel. It was important for Zwift to develop a product that offered steering and braking in a way that felt intuitive and natural to cyclists and new members alike.”

Zwift Play is TG0’s second commercialised sensing controller, following the launch of eteeController, a novel finger-tracking based control system for virtual and extended reality environments. TG0 also provides unique touch-technology products and services for the automotive, consumer products, healthcare and sports performance markets.


TG0 is an IP-focused start-up commercialising a platform technology to create novel tactile control products. TG0 works with partners and clients including leading brands and manufacturers in the consumer and automotive sectors. TG0 is a diverse team passionate about creating HMI products that people have never seen before, with effortless and elegant manufacturing.

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