TG0 signs automotive partnership with Ningbo Gaofa
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TG0 signs automotive partnership with Ningbo Gaofa

June 6, 2023
Partnership will accelerate innovations in automotive HMI.

TG0 can today announce a new strategic partnership with prestigious automotive control company Ningbo Gaofa.

Ningbo Gaofa is a world-leader in the design, development, manufacture and sale of automotive control products. For more than 20 years it has won awards and led markets with novel solutions for innovative electronic parts for accelerator pedals and braking systems. With more than 150 patents and 120 engineering and technical personnel, Ningbo Gaofa has served and innovated for brands including Volkswagen, BYD, SAIC-GM and Geely Automobile.

 The signed agreement will see TG0 and Ningbo co-develop new HMI solutions for vehicles, with a strong focus on the booming Chinese automotive market. Partnership talks began after Ningo Gaofa were impressed byTG0’s rapid growth in the automotive sector, which includes a long-term partnership with Novares on its ‘future car’ concept, other leading development partnerships and several HMI (human machine interaction) innovations for vehicle interiors.

TG0 CEO Ming Kong said: “As a leading automotive technology provider we recognise Tier 1 OEMs and other critical industry suppliers require end-to-end ecosystems of certified specialists to deliver differentiated real-world solutions that help their customers to win in a highly-competitive environment.

 “This partnership delivers additional capabilities, accelerated innovation and reduced time to market, plus added rigour in quality and reassurance on manufacturing of novel, intuitive, and brand-centric HMI solutions.

 “We look forward to issuing further announcements and unveiling new products in due course.”

 Ningbo Gaofa has advanced equipment for the development of core components and the manufacturing of finished products. R&D and testing facilities include advanced inspection and testing, an environmental simulation laboratory, microcomputer control, and specific equipment for a host of automotive processes. The company is multi-award winning and holds all relevant quality management and environmental certifications.  

 Ming said: “This partnership is a win-win for TG0, Ningbo Gaofa, and our customers. But it goes beyond a technical agreement. We have a shared commitment to design excellence, rigorous quality control and social responsibility, and are committed to ensuring this partnership changes the way the world operates, experiences and travels in vehicles.”

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