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Gestural swiping
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Audio and music controls

The next generation of audio technology will transcend the need for buttons. TG0’s patented technology can turn any conductive polymeric material into a smart sensing surface, meaning users can tap, stroke, twist or pull the surface of any audio controller to perform a litany of functions.


Increased functionality

●     Multi-touch, multi-area detection

●     Touch and proximity sensing

●     Gesture recognition

●     Pressure mapping and force sensing

Design the optimal user experience by adding touch sensing functionality to even the most challenging and varied surfaces and materials. TG0’s approach uses fewer components and sensors than traditional solutions, which allows for new designs, features and controls. Manufacturers can also fit more interactions into one control, including touch and proximity sensing, gesture recognition and pressure mapping.

Get to market faster

●     Prototype faster and streamline manufacturing

●     Fast product validation with rapid prototyping

●     Lower production costs with injection moulded sensors

●     Fewer components, faster assembly, lighter weight

TG0’s multi-disciplinary team will work with partners to take a prototype idea to a product ready for mass manufacture in a matter of weeks. Manufacturing is streamlined with lower production costs and faster assembly because fewer components are used, which also has environmental benefits.

Audio and music controls

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