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Automotive Seating Control

TG0’s patented moulded-material sensors allow automotive manufacturers to fully customise a controller’s 3D shape to allow drivers and passengers to intuitively operate controls without visual distraction. The patented technology combines surface engineering, advanced signal processing and machine learning to create pressure sensitive surfaces without the need for conventional sensor networks. In this way, TG0’s technology bridges the gap between mechanical switches and smart surfaces.

More intuitive interaction modes

  • For door handles, centre consoles and seating
  • Touch and force sensing
  • Capacitive sensing
  • Pressure sensing
  • Human machine interface (HMI) device

The aim was to create a user-friendly, lightweight and cost effective interface for seat control. By creating a premium jewel design, and adding TG0’s pressure-sensing technology, users can pull, push and twist the HMI to adjust the positioning of the chair. Different modes can also be saved using the seat control panel to allow for personalised settings for different drivers. 

In just four months, JOYSONQUIN and TG0 were able to offer a premium, intuitive, sensor-integrated option to automotive partners at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other competitors on the market. 

Design-led functionality

  • Haptic feedback and LED indications
  • Integrate functionalities into 3D shapes
  • Robust yet lightweight 
  • Enhanced intuitiveness
  • Premium, luxury finish

The crystal jewel interface was created with premium veneer and resin material, coupled with conductive silicone for the sensor materials. LED indications show what type of movement is being triggered, and pressure sensing and haptic feedback minimise unintended triggering. Adjustments can therefore only take place when the jewel is pressed or twisted with an inappropriate amount of force. Integrated software allowed for chair movement visualisation and calibration in real time.

The solution allows for an easier and more intuitive method of controlling the seat’s various adjustments, and the jewel itself can be finished to customer specifications. 

Fewer components for streamlined manufacturing

  • End-to-end process with in-house expertise
  • Rapid proof of concept
  • Lower costs using fewer sensors 

We managed the end-to-end process, combining our in-house expertise in graphic design, industrial design and engineering to deliver a demo-ready proof of concept in just four months. By building with fewer components, the end solution was lightweight and of lower cost to produce, while maintaining a premium finish.

Automotive Seating Control

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