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Grip sensing smart sports grips

Optimising sports performance is a fine art. It takes patience and it takes sweat. But it also requires information – data that tracks progress and highlights opportunities for improvement. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, it’s possible to incorporate smart devices capable of mapping pressure and measuring human form within the sports equipment itself.

At TG0, we see the potential to combine our patented moulded material sensor technology with a variety of products such as smart racquets, golf clubs, baseball bats, and more. These devices are capable of measuring forces, tracking activities, recognising human poses and movement patterns in real time, and incorporating artificial intelligence without the need for additional equipment.  


Measuring enhanced interaction modes

●     Hand print

●     Hand placement

●     Force distribution

●     Alignment

●     Gesture detection

●     Activity tracking

The opportunities are endless across sport. Historically, such applications have been limited by the constraints of conventional manufacturing technologies and metallic piezoresistive sensors. TG0 technology can turn any conductive polymeric material into a smart sensing surface programmed to transmit electrical signals, tracking metrics such as hand placement, force distribution, alignment, and gesture detection. Athletes, their coaches, and everyday sports enthusiasts can collect better, more precise data in real time.

Technology meets comfort

●     No sacrificing comfort for functionality

●     Full styling flexibility: on any surface finish, including easy clean and waterproof options

●     Any surface curvature

●     Pliable, soft, lightweight sensing materials

●     WiFi and Bluetooth enabled

Engineers and product designers trying to solve this problem have a lot to consider. Smart racquets and clubs, for example, will need to have the same weight and balance as a regular alternative so players don’t feel they’ve compromised ergonomic performance. There are also considerations for dirt and sweat. With TG0, there’s no sacrificing comfort for functionality. Our technology can be used on any surface finish, including easy clean and waterproof options, and applied to thin, flexible sensor sheets that can be scaled up in an affordable, mass production solution.

Streamlined process

●     Build smarter from prototype to product

●     Rapid prototyping opportunities

●     Shape and size scalability

●     Fewer sensors for increased performance and easier assembly

●     Highest sensor coverage on the market.

TG0’s multi-disciplinary team will work in partnership with a product design team to take a prototype idea to a product suitable for mass production in a rapid timeframe. We use fewer sensors than the traditional alternatives, which makes it easier to assemble but does not sacrifice performance, given that we have the highest sensor coverage on the market. We also offer a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

In summary, TG0 patented polymer based sensor technology offers a disruptive method of manufacturing large-sized 3D shaped sensor arrays. These are in turn accompanied by a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

Grip sensing smart sports grips

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