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Multi-function remote control

TG0’s patented technology allows new interactions to be implemented into well understood products like remote controls opening up new interaction, data and analytics opportunities.

Traditional remote controllers can be uninteresting and complex to use. TG0 technology allows for the same level of control but with opportunities for innovation and sensyfing the remote control to gather data about users and their behaviors, with no additional cost.

Increased Functionality

Fit more interactions into one control using:

  • Multi-touch, multi-area detection
  • Touch and proximity sensing
  • Gesture recognition
  • Pressure mapping and force sensing

User-centric Technology

Design the optimal user experience.

  • Add touch sensing functionality even on the most challenging and varied surfaces and materials
  • Fewer components and sensors allow for new designs, features and control.

Data Gathering And Behaviour Tracking Analytics

Sensify the remote control to understand your customers better

  • Grip sensing, force sensing
  • Hand placement
  • Finger sensing
  • Usage time, behavior sensing

We allow you to monitor usage patterns and understand how your customers use your devices and consume media. Who are the leaders, decision makers in the household, how does that impact media consumption and customer habits. 

Get To Market Faster

Prototype faster and streamline manufacturing.

  • Fast product validation with rapid prototyping
  • Lower production costs with injection moulded sensors
  • Fewer components, faster assembly
Multi-function remote control

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