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Smart 360 pressure sensing mat

Growing needs for immersive experiences, understanding customer behaviour and data digitalisation are presenting a wide range of novel product opportunities. Smart devices capable of measuring forces, mapping pressure, tracking activities, recognising human poses and movement patterns without the need of additional setups are seen as the key to unlock use cases such as gaming, locomotion (methods that move users through virtual environments), exercise training, and medical monitoring.

Smart, pressure sensing mats are at the forefront of these new data-led interactions, as they can help individuals and medical professionals to enhance individual performance and posture, or tweak activities to reduce physical strain.

Measuring enhanced interaction modes

  • Body footprint
  • Balance and stability
  • Alignment
  • Gesture detection
  • Activity tracking

Whilst conventional manufacturing technologies do not provide adequate flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions due to the constraints posed by conventional metallic piezoresistive sensors, TG0 technology can turn any conductive polymeric materials into smart sensing surfaces ‘programmed’ to provide electrical signals that describe material deformation at high resolutions. 

Collect better more precise data in real time with TG0 APIs:

  • Sensing resolution: 50×50 mm
  • Pressure resolution: 100 units
  • Adjustable touch & pressure thresholds
  • Multi-touch, Multi-area: up to 10 per module

Traditional matrix-based piezoresistive technologies (force sensors or screen-printed large surfaces) are too limiting and expensive for this large use case, hence the need for a more flexible, scalable and affordable manufacturing approach. TG0 patented polymer-based pressure-mapping sensor technology has traits to make large-sized, thin and flexible sensor sheets, which is essential in building an affordable and scalable solution in mass production.

Technology meets comfort

  • No sacrificing comfort for functionality
  • Full styling flexibility: on any surface finish, including easy clean and waterproof options
  • Any surface curvature
  • Pliable, soft, lightweight sensing materials
  • WiFi & Bluetooth enabled

The lack of flexible sensing solutions has limited attempts to implement and commercialise stand-alone motion tracking recognition products. TG0’s pressure sensing mat powered by artificial intelligence, can accurately recognise predetermined positions and movements as well as accuracy of execution, relying only on hardware sensor data.

Streamlined Process

  • Build smarter from prototype to product
  • Rapid prototyping opportunities
  • Shape and size scalability
  • Fewer sensors for increased performance and easier assembly
  • 73% Highest sensor coverage on the market.

TG0 patented polymer based sensor technology offers a disruptive method of manufacturing large-sized sensor arrays. These are in turn accompanied by a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

Smart 360 pressure sensing mat

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