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Smart mattresses

The latest innovation in the sleep wellness market, smart beds can track users’ sleep patterns and provide personalised insights and recommendations to boost sleep quality. But it all starts with accurate, real-time pressure mapping. TG0’s technology can turn any conductive polymeric material into smart surfaces. By measuring force, mapping pressure, tracking activities and recognising movement patterns without the need for additional technology, sleep brands can optimise and elevate the user experience. This technology is also applicable for health and medical settings whereby patients' conditions need monitoring while they’re asleep or resting in bed.

Measuring enhanced interaction modes

  • Body print
  • Body placement
  • Force distribution
  • Alignment
  • Posture detection
  • Activity tracking

For the first time, manufacturers can incorporate technology that can monitor and track body and limb print, body placement, force distribution and alignment, among other interactions. Insights rely only on hardware sensor data, which is more precise and available in real time, thanks to TG0’s APIs.


Technology meets comfort

●     No sacrificing comfort for functionality

●     Full styling flexibility: on any surface finish, including easy clean and waterproof options

●     Any surface curvature

●     Pliable, soft, lightweight sensing materials

●     WiFi and Bluetooth enabled

TG0’s technology can be applied across any number of shapes and curvature, as well as types of surfaces and finishes, including easy clean and waterproof options. The material is pliable, soft and lightweight, making it unobtrusive and perfect for smart mattresses. It’s WiFi and Bluetooth LowEnergy enabled, and affordable enough for mass-scale manufacture, coupled by a set of software solutions that are capable of delivering real-time data and insights.

Streamlined process

●     Build smarter from prototype to product

●     Rapid prototyping opportunities

●     Shape and size scalability

●     Fewer sensors for increased performance and easier assembly

●     Highest sensor coverage on the market.

Traditional matrix-based piezoresistive technologies have previously been too limiting and expensive to commercialise stand-alone motion tracking recognition products. But TG0 polymer-based sensor technology makes scale manufacturing a possibility. Reducing the number of sensors makes assembly more straightforward, while still delivering the highest sensor coverage on the market. And our multi-disciplinary team will work with partners to take an idea from prototype to product within a matter of weeks.

In summary, TG0 patented polymer based sensor technology offers a disruptive method of manufacturing large-sized 3D shaped sensor arrays. These are in turn accompanied by a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

Smart mattresses

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