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Smart pressure sensing insoles

Anyone who takes their running seriously knows if they’re looking to improve, they should look at their gait. If a runner can improve the way they physically run, it can help prevent injury and boost speed and endurance. Advancements in technology have now made it possible to track and analyse running (and walking) gait in real time, opening opportunities for sports brands, gaming companies and health professionals alike. TG0 has incorporated its technology with smart pressure sensing insoles to measure forces, map pressure, track activities and recognise human movement patterns without any other equipment required.

Measuring enhanced interaction modes

  • Body footprint
  • Balance and stability
  • Alignment
  • Gesture detection
  • Activity tracking

TG0’s smart insoles are capable of tracking body footprint, balance and stability, and alignment, as well as overall activity. And while conventional metallic piezoresistive sensors have not been adequately flexible, scalable or cost-effective to be incorporated into such applications, TG0 technology can turn any conductive polymeric materials into smart sensing surfaces. Users can collect more precise data in real time with TG0 APIs, and the solution can be scaled to any size while remaining affordable and flexible.

Technology meets comfort

  • No sacrificing comfort for functionality
  • Full styling flexibility: on any surface finish, including easy clean and waterproof options
  • Any surface curvature
  • Pliable, soft, lightweight sensing materials
  • WiFi & Bluetooth enabled

Unlike previous sensors in the market that have lacked the necessary flexibility, TG0’s technology does not sacrifice comfort for functionality. The technology has been incorporated into pliable, soft and lightweight sensing materials, with full flexibility on the finish, including easy clean and waterproof options. That creates a stand-alone motion tracking product powered by artificial intelligence that can accurately recognise movement in real time relying simply on hardware sensor data.

Streamlined process

  • Build smarter from prototype to product
  • Rapid prototyping opportunities
  • Shape and size scalability
  • Fewer sensors for increased performance and easier assembly
  • Highest sensor coverage on the market.

TG0’s multi-disciplinary team will take a prototype to a product ready for mass production in a matter of weeks. Using fewer sensors in the technology means lower production costs and ease of assembly. Products are also accompanied by a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

In summary, TG0 patented polymer based sensor technology offers a disruptive method of manufacturing large-sized sensor arrays. These are in turn accompanied by a set of software solutions capable of delivering real-time posture and activity tracking.

Smart pressure sensing insoles

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