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Stalkless and multifunction steering wheels

TG0’s patented moulded-material sensors allow automotive manufacturers to fully customise controller’s 3D shape to be ergonomic and intuitive, and allow drivers and passengers to operate the controls without visual distraction. The patented technology combines sophisticated surface engineering and intricate signal processing and machine learning to sense touch location, gesture and pressure via an injection moulded, uniform material without traditional discrete electronic sensors embedded inside.

New Interaction Modes

  • For door handles, steering wheels, centre consoles and seating
  • Gestural commands
  • Touch and force sensing
  • Pressure mapping
  • Capacitive sensing

TG0 material turns conventional furnishing surfaces into digital interfaces, without introducing new electronic clusters. Instead of inventing another high-performance discrete sensor network technology, TG0 uses the injection moulded materials (off-the-shelf plastics) as the sensor themselves. Touch, gesture and pressure can be sensed through capacitive sensing with off the shelf components using only one microcontroller. As such, this process does not add any additional hardware or assembly to the existing lines, but completely eliminates the sensor assembling and calibration process as a whole.

Design-led Functionality

  • Seamless interior surfaces with endless design opportunities
  • Integrate functionalities into extreme 3D shapes
  • Enhance ergonomics and accessibility
  • Replace multiple mechanical controls with a single surface
  • Integrate into existing decorative materials and finishes

TG0 technology allows the manufacturers to implement sensing functions into seamless and uniform surfaces. With significantly fewer, or no moving parts, our material can reduce noise caused by friction amongst HMI bundles, decrease failure rate caused by individual component and produce light-weight interior controllers. Using a touch-sensitive polymer material implies a huge reduction in electronic components. TG0 offers a much more cost-effective solution that has a significantly reduced failure rate and is much more environmentally friendly. Our solution will allow for an easier and more productive method of controlling the car’s different functionalities.

Top surface can be stylized and finished to customer specifications to achieve premium and luxury perceived quality targets.

Moulded Sensors For Streamlined Manufacturing

  • Build smarter, from prototype to product
  • Rapid proof of concept
  • Easy assembly with fewer components
  • Lower costs using fewer sensors

TG0’s uniform material-based sensor technology offers manufacturers a cost-effective incentive to make recyclable electronic products. The disassembly process with the sensor material technology only requires unplugging of electrical connections.

Stalkless and multifunction steering wheels

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