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Stalkless and multifunction steering wheels

Those in the automotive sector know the future of steering wheels is multi-functional – allowing the driver to operate functions such as the audio and navigation systems without taking their hands off the wheel – and stalkless (without stalked signal indicators and windscreen wiper controls). Tesla, for example, recently raised eyebrows for its decision to remove stalks — it’s seen as part of the brand’s overall strategy for minimalism and seamless design.

TG0 takes this idea to the next level with its patented mould material sensor technology, which turns the steering wheel itself into a smart surface. Drivers can intuitively use the controls with minimal touch and no visual distraction. The approach combines surface engineering, advanced signal processing and machine learning to sense touch location, gesture and pressure, without the need for traditional electronic sensors embedded inside the steering wheel itself.

New interaction modes

●     For door handles, steering wheels, centre consoles and seating

●     Gestural commands

●     Touch and force sensing

●     Pressure mapping

●     Deformation sensing

TG0 is working with tier-one global design and manufacturing leaders in the automotive industry to bring this concept to life. The steering wheel uses deformation sensing and pressure mapping technology to turn a conventional surface into a digital interface that can recognise gestural commands without the need for additional components beyond one microcontroller.

Design-led functionality

●     Seamless interior surfaces with endless design opportunities

●     Integrate functionalities into extreme 3D shapes

●     Enhance ergonomics and accessibility

●     Replace multiple mechanical controls with a single surface

●     Integrate into existing decorative materials and finishes

As is shown by applying this technology to steering wheels, TG0’s patented technology has endless design opportunities for the automotive sector. With significantly fewer or no moving parts, the sensing material can reduce noise caused by friction between HMI bundles, and decrease the failure rate caused by individual component breakdown. It’s a more environmentally-friendly solution that can also accommodate a variety of finishes including high-end specifications.

Moulded sensors for streamlined manufacturing

●     Build smarter, from prototype to product

●     Rapid proof of concept

●     Easy assembly with fewer components

●     Lower costs using fewer sensors

The manufacturing process is simplified with fewer components and lower costs. TG0 works with manufacturers to take an idea from prototype to product in a matter of weeks. There is no additional hardware required, and any sensor assembling and calibration can be eliminated from the process entirely. The end product is also more recyclable, given that the sensor material’s disassembly process only requires the unplugging of electrical connections.

Stalkless and multifunction steering wheels

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