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Virtual reality controllers

Those that work or play in the virtual reality sector have been in pursuit of a more immersive experience for some time. TG0 has succeeded in creating the eteeController for VR, which allows users to feel fully present in virtual worlds. It’s a marked shift from what’s already on the market, where traditional controllers can be large, heavy and complex to use. With TG0 touch, pressure and finger sensing technology, users can move through virtual reality and metaverse worlds as easily as the physical world.

Intuitive interaction control

●     Use intuitive and gestural commands

●     Full finger tracking

●     Pressure and proximity sensing

●     Capacitive touch/squeeze control

TG0 developed eteeControllers to showcase how TG0 technology can be implemented into small, lightweight devices with ergonomic design. The whole surface of the controller is turned into an accurate proximity and pressure detecting sensor. Each finger can be detected separately allowing your full hand to be in VR. Immersion is increased further when coupled with haptics, providing the user with instant feedback if they touch an object in the virtual world. Essentially your brain believes the object is real.


User-first design

●     Increased functionality without added complexity

●     Enhanced ergonomic, wearable design

●     Lightweight, small form factor

●     Seamless silicone body for easy sanitation.

Traditional controllers rely heavily on buttons and there is a learning curve associated with button press patterns. TG0 allows users to choose their own unique patterns, shapes and interactions, with accurate, intuitive finger sensing technology without the buttons. Users can point, pinch and grab, with each finger individually mapped to in-application actions using capacitive sensing. Our TG0 patented technology can provide even more functionality such as swiping using an integrated slider and tapping with force sensing activating actions. The ability to mould one piece of material also makes these devices dust and water resistant, which opens up opportunities for those customers working in highly challenging environments such as defence oil and gas, construction and others.

Get to market faster

●     Build smarter, from prototype to product

●     Rapid prototyping opportunities

●     Easy assembly with fewer components required

●     Lower costs using fewer sensors

TG0’s multi-disciplinary team can take manufacturers from prototype to product in a matter of weeks. Assembly is easier and lower cost, with fewer components required. Finally, partners have the advantage of being able to choose from an unlimited number of different surfaces and finishes, which makes the range of custom controller solutions extensive.

Virtual reality controllers

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