2023 Wrapped: A Year of Innovation and Partnerships at TG0

2023 Wrapped: A Year of Innovation and Partnerships at TG0

December 14, 2023
As the curtains close on 2023, we at TG0 take a moment to look back at a year that has been nothing short of transformative. Our journey over the past twelve months has been a whirlwind of groundbreaking advancements, global engagements, and collaborative milestones that are reshaping the landscape of automotive interfaces and beyond.

Leading the Charge in Automotive HMIs

2023 marked a pivotal moment as TG0 stepped forward, spearheading the next era of in-vehicle interfaces. Our relentless pursuit of revolutionizing automotive Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) set the tone for innovation that resonated throughout the year. Collaborating with automotive interiors experts JOYSONQUIN, TG0 redefined in-car experiences. This partnership brought to life a convergence of touch technology and unparalleled luxury, showcasing the fusion of innovation and sophistication in automotive interiors.

Innovation and Accolades

TG0’s commitment to innovation received recognition from the European Patent Office, lauding TG0's innovation in vehicle control systems, setting new benchmarks in automotive touch technology. The significance of material selection in crafting user-friendly solutions was highlighted in our exposition on Versatility and Innovation in Polymer-Based Plastics. TG0's technology seamlessly integrated into polymer-based plastics, emphasizing the crucial role of materials in our innovative journey. 

Global Showcases and Impactful Engagements

TG0's global presence was felt across continents. From Connected Britain in London to IFA Berlin and engagements at EUROBIKE, our tactile sensing capabilities took center stage, affirming our commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation. TG0's attendance at the Bengaluru Tech Summit underscored our commitment to global innovation. Close to home, our sales team showcased TG0's technology at an exclusive Aston Martin event, cementing our influence in the automotive sector. 

TG0 as a Thought Leader

At TG0, sustainability is ingrained in innovation. Our Head of R&D, emphasized 'systems thinking' in product design. Her insights shed light on the importance of considering environmental impacts from product inception, resonating deeply with our commitment to a sustainable future. We also delved into the world of smart sports, raising our profile and impact through our advanced touch technology.  We also made waves at the MedTech Futures event in Cambridge, where we were invited to showcase our patented finger-tracking solution that offers the potential for transformative rehabilitation.

Collaborations that Define Innovation

Strategic partnerships furthered our strides in automotive HMI innovations, exemplified by the collaboration with Ningbo Gaofa. Furthering our expertise in sports and gaming, our partnership with Zwift was announced this summer with the unveiling Zwift Play showcasing the interactions made possible with TG0 technology.

Exploring The Possibilities in VR 

Our foray into virtual reality (VR) was a highlight, exploring the future of control in this burgeoning domain. TG0's presence at the 'Global Expansion’ conference and AWE’23 demonstrated our dedication to innovation that addresses global challenges and opportunities. Culminating the year was the spectacular eteeOasis, our first VR event. This gathering served as the platform for the relaunch of our VR Controllers, captivating tech enthusiasts and industry leaders alike.

As we close this year and embrace the new, TG0 stands poised on the precipice of innovation. The journey continues, and we're eager to continue pioneering innovations that shape the future.

Join us as we stride forward into a promising 2024, brimming with innovation, partnerships, and groundbreaking advancements.